In the United States alone, hundreds of children die in home fires each year, and the problem is even worse globally. It is essential that young children be taught critical fire safety tips before a disaster occurs. While fires are scary for anyone, they can be especially terrifying to children who don’t know how to react. Before a fire happens, teach your children what to do and where to go if they hear the smoke alarm. A well-prepared child will be less likely to hide out of fear and will ultimately be safer.

  • Have a fire drill at home and coach your child through your family’s escape plan. Older children are often taught how to react to a fire drill at school, but pre-school age children and toddlers may not know what to do. So, be sure to address any questions or concerns your child has.
  • Teach your child not to open a door if the doorknob is hot. If the knob is hot, the room isn’t safe.
  • In addition to ensuring matches and lighters are stored up high, away from children, teach your kids that they should never play with these items if they are found left out.
  • Talk with your child about basic safety around the home, including electrical outlet safety and other potential fire hazards.

For more resources on fire safety and education for small children, please refer to the following: